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Anyone can draw attention by being loud, flashy and over-the-top. But to express your unique style and personality quietly? Now that takes skill.

Elton Pepple watches were made for those who know that less is more. Beautifully uncomplicated and impossibly slim, each one is constructed with nothing but time and a few lightweight, quality materials. They are watches that whisper yet speak volumes on the wrist. 

The greatest style statement is, indeed,the understatement.

Don’t be afraid to wear your Elton Pepple everywhere.

Our timepieces are not only designed for stylish simplicity, but for versatility as well. The clean look, scratch-free sapphire crystal and durable calfskin strap are all there for a reason: to go where you go, from the red carpet to the rugged jungle or wherever this journey takes you. Let us know where you wander via #EltonPepple.

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