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Bringing to mind the pricelessness of every moment.


We envision lives being enriched by timeless reminders to be present in every moment.


The life of a metropolitan business tycoon consists of late nights that drift into early mornings. Go there, be this, and say that. So, on and so forth go the rules for functioning as a high achiever, unless you are my uncle, Elton Pepple. He was the exception to almost every rule. Before “influencer” became a buzzword; he was my influencer. No matter how hectic his schedule, time was always carved out for our weekly lunches. Rarely did our routine center around cuisine. What I once viewed as city-exploring ventures; I now perceive to be intentional life lessons. “Time is of the essence, but first, you must know the essence of time.”

Somehow Elton knew his words would remain with me regardless of the changes time would bring. Even now, I remember him as the personification of wisdom wrapped in sophistication. His presence exuded a confident simplicity and debonair quality that could only be taught throughout years of countless lunch and learns. He commanded respect in any room without uttering a word. He was affluent and influential, yet never arrogant. He was as consistent as the rising of the sun and the setting of the same.

The essence of time is present; it is attaching purpose to otherwise fleeting moments and choosing to live in those moments. I believe time slows down when placed under demanding restraints. Think about it. How do you perceive time when doing something you don’t love or that is outside the scope of your calling? Time takes on new meaning when passion comes into play. Those who honor time by coupling it with purpose unlock its ability to be beautifully meek.

Time stands still as I remember him. My smile widens with every tick of the minute hand. His commitment to being present in the present shaped my life. Had it not been for his perspective on time, an endless stream of defining moments would be forever lost. Elton was an influencer before his time and my greatest inspiration. Who better to honor than the man who taught me to honor every minute?

I present to you The Elton Pepple brand – timeless timepieces. Our watches were designed for those who value life’s simple things, those who know that less is indeed more. They are beautifully uncomplicated and quietly expressive. The essence of every watch provides a fresh perspective on minutes and hours. They are stylish reminders to slow down and capture life’s passing moments. Truly, an Elton Pepple timepiece conveys the essence of time through confident simplicity.

Timelessly Yours,
Maxwell D Aleru Founder
Elton Pepple Inc®

It’s light weight

It’s elegant

It’s unbelievably durable.

It’s the Elton Pepple’s way

-------Be Present-------